CRONICA lui Roger Torelló Esteban

Written on 11/09/2020

Cunoscutul jurnalist Roger Torelló Esteban scrie din Spania, pentru, cronica meciului Viitorul Constanța vs Dinamo București, scor 2-1 în Liga 1.

Dinamo lose their fifth Liga 1 match in a row and the going gets tough

After a highly positive first half vs. Viitorul Constanta, Contra’s team conceded two goals in three fateful minutes. Borja Valle made it 2-1 and Cámara was denied by the crossbar: despite their efforts the Red Dogs now sit second to last.

Beaten 2-1 by FC Viitorul Constante, Dinamo Bucharest this Saturday lost their fifth Liga 1 match in a row and now sits second to last, one point above the bottom team. After a highly positive first half, Cosmin Contra’s side conceded two goals in three fateful minutes and did not succeed to equalize despite the player’s brave efforts.

Borja Valero netted the ball (64’) but unfortunately Juan Cámara, who came in as a substitute after half-time and was a nightmare for the local defence, was denied the possible 2-2 by the woodwork.

After last week’s match vs. Astra had to be postponed due to several players from the Giurgiu team testing positive for Coronavirus, Dinamo Bucharest returned to action in the Romanian League at Stadionul Viitorul his Saturday on Matchday 10, with the news of the club’s main shareholder Pablo Cortacero also testing positive still fresh.

Coach Cosmin Contra made changes on the starting eleven for the Match Day 10 challenge, with Tomás Mejías as his goalkeeper, Ehmann as centre-back, Ahmed as winger and newcomer Gueye up in front.  

The Red Dogs created some good chances in the first half, but they were denied the opener. Two out of their six shots were on target, whereas none of Viitorul Constanta’s five shots tested Mejías.

Dinamo’s best came after 33 minutes from a counterattack, but Lopes Fernandes was unable to score, and Gol’s reacted a bit too later after Viitorul’s defence lost the ball: his shot was not sharp enough.

Before half-time a left-footed shot by Gueye sailed wide. Ahmed, who assisted him brilliantly, later tried to surprise goalie Tordai with a wide range stunner but also fired over.

Everything went wrong short for Dinamo short after the break. In minute 52, Ehmann managed to clear to corner when a Viitorul striker was about to put his team ahead.

The cross from that corner-kick was not cleared by Gaztañaga and Dobrosavlevici headed in the 1-0 easily (53’). And when Contra’s players were still in shock, Viitorul Constanta struck again: Puljic could not clear a high ball, enabling the hosts to storm towards Mejías box; Ganea assisted Luckassen, who made it 2-0 (56’).

Cosmin Contra immediately brought in Cámara for Ahmed, and then Nemec for Gueye and Magureanu for Gol.

Dinamo Bucharest never surrendered, and the 2-1 by Borja Valle came as a reward for their pressure in the Viitorul box and after an assist by Magureanu for his team mate only having to push in the ball.

Mejías denied Viitorul a 3-1 with an outstanding flier, and Cámara, who battled until the far end, saw his shot hitting the crossbar.

Contra made two more changes, but Dinamo Bucuresti lost again and will face bottom team Astra on Saturday 14th in the delayed match.